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Whizzy products:

Why choose Whizzy charging solutions?
Because aside from its good looks, Whizzy products are of a high quality, will last and it will also not destroy your device. Inside our power banks are high quality battery cells.

What can I charge with my Whizzy charger?
Any of your devices that charge through a USB charger (including mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, tablets, iPods, iPad, power banks, etc.)

How do I know my device is charging?
The charging bar on your device will indicate that your device is charging successfully.

What will happen when my device is fully charged?
Charging will stop. Whizzy chargers have an intelligent built-in chip that will prevent over-charging of your device.

How long will it take for my device to charge?
Generally the higher the amps output on the plug, the faster your device will charger. So a 2.1 amp plug will charge your device faster than a 1amp plug.

But this also depends on the size of your battery. So it will take longer to charge a tablet than it will take to charge a cell phone.

Can using higher or lower amp plug damage my device?
Using the Whizzy charger the answer is no. Use the amps as an indicator for the speed at which you device will charge. The higher the output amperage, the faster the device will charge.

What is the difference between 1Amp and 2.1Amp?
The higher the amperage, the faster the device will charge.

What does mAh stand for?
Milliampere hour. It is used to describe the energy capacity in batteries.

How do I charge my Whizzy power bank?
You can use any USB charger connected to a power source with a USB cable.

My Whizzy charger is a Dual USB 2.1 charger, is there 2.1 Amps output for each individual USB port?
The total output is 2.1 Amps. If you are using 1 port you will get 2.1 amps. If you are using both ports then the 2.1 Amps is shared between both.

Note: All multiple USB chargers work this way, the total amperage output is shared by all ports.

Can Whizzy USB chargers charge older devices?
Yes. If you have a USB cable for the device, it will work with a Whizzy charger.

    Should I choose the 1 Amp or 2.1 Amp USB charger? The higher the amperage of a charger the quicker it is able to charge devices. So you choose how quick you want your device to charge.

    Disclaimer: Very seldom there may be a device that the whizzy Charger cannot charge. If that is your case, feel free to return the charger for a full refund, subject to our return policy.

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