FAQs - USB 3 Pin Wall Chargers

What can I charge with my Whizzy 3 pin USB charger?
Any of your devices that charge through a USB charger (including mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, tablets, iPods, iPad, power banks, etc.)

What is the difference between the 1Amp charger and the 2.1Amp charger?
2.1Amp will charge your device faster

How long will it take my device to charge through a Whizzy 3 pin USB charger?
This depends on the size of your devices battery as well as the Amps output on the charger.

My Whizzy charger is a Dual USB 2.1 charger, is there 2.1 Amps output for each individual USB port?
The total output is 2.1 Amps. If you are using 1 port you will get 2.1 amps. If you are using both ports then the 2.1 Amps is shared between both.

Note: All multiple USB chargers work this way, the total amperage output is shared by all ports.

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