FAQs - USB Cable

Why would I want an extra-long USB cable?
You can sit on your couch with your tablet and have it plugged into power without worrying about your battery going flat.

You can plug into wall with Whizzy USB 3 pin charger even if distant from your desk.

What kind of devices can I use my Whizzy extra-long cable with?
Any of your devices that charge through a Micro USB charger (including mobile phones, GPS, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4 players, tablets, iPods, iPad, power banks, etc.)

Can the USB extra-long cable transfer data as well as power for charging?
Yes, it can be used for charging as well as for syncing/transferring data at high speeds.

How long is the Whizzy extra-long 2.5 meter cable?
It is 2.5 meters long. :)

Disclaimer: Very seldom there may be a device that the Whizzy Charger cannot charge. If that is your case, feel free to return the charger for a full refund, subject to our return policy.

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