FAQs - Whizzy Cloud

Tip: In order to give Cloudcenter App time to fully and correctly load, once you have opened Cloudcenter App, Please wait about 10 seconds before taping on any of the icons. 

How many devices can I connect to the Whizzy WIFI at the same time?
If you are watching movies then 5 devices, if you are using for documents or smaller files then you can connect many more.

Do all devices have to be watching the same movies or viewing the same files?
No, each device can browse different content on the Whizzy Cloud.

Can I upload and download files from/to the SD card in the Whizzy cloud?
Yes, Please see user manual for instructions.

Do I need internet connection to use the Whizzy Cloud?
No, you are accessing the information that is on your SD card.

Can I be connected to the internet and the Whizzy Cloud at the same time?
Yes. Please see user manual for instructions.

How do I get my files onto the SD card?
Please see user manual.

Do I have to use the Cloudcenter app to access files on the Whizzy Cloud?
No, you can use other DLNA media players. however features and functions differ from player to player.

What is the maximum size SD cards that i can use with the Whizzy Cloud?

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