FAQs - Whizzy Wi-Fi

Tip: You can use any network SIM card in any network dongle with the Whizzy Wi-Fi. For example, you can use a Vodacom SIM card in a CellC dongle with the Whizzy Wi-Fi.

Do I need to be plugged into power source to use Whizzy Wi-Fi?
No, it has a built in rechargeable battery.

Which 3G modems are compatible with the Whizzy Wi-Fi?
Most 3G modems are. Please see Firmware tab for more information on this.

Which networks SIM cards does the Whizzy Wi-Fi work with?
It works with all South African networks except Neotel and Iburst.

Do I need to add or change any settings on the Whizzy Wi-Fi to use with my 3G modem?
No, there is no need to change any settings in the firmware. Plug and play, should work right out of the box.

What if my modem does not work with the Whizzy Wi-Fi straight out of the box?
Please update to the latest firmware. If this does not work then contact customer service for help

Are there any modems that could not be added to the firmware and are therefore completely incompatible with the Whizzy Wi-Fi?

To date we have only one such modem, the Vodafone k4305.

Is the Whizzy Wi-Fi compatible with iBurst or Neotel?

Is the Whizzy Wi-Fi compatible with LTE or 4G? 

How can I stop other people from accessing the internet through my Whizzy Wi-Fi?
The Whizzy Wi-Fi is password protected and can be changed by accessing the firmware. Please see instruction manual.

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