Handview i2 IP Cam features

Place the iP camera anywhere you want and connect it to your Wifi network or your mobile data network. 


  1. Really simple setup process
  2. The camera gives voice instructions how to connect to your WIFI (Yes Really!! :)) 


  1. Dual detection functionality:
  2. Motion detection
  3. PIR (Passive infrared detection), Detects body heat of an intruder
  4. Automatic Alarm Message to Mobile Phone
  5. Highly secure encrypted streaming


  • Powered by USB
  • Plug into PC, Powerbank, or any other USB power source


  • Move around No need for permanent cabling

Night Vision

  • Handview i2 has 14 contact efficient infrared night-vision lights, perfect for zero illumination environment
  • 6 meters within the scope of the picture is clear


  • Dedicated Android and iOS app - Just open your up and start viewing your video stream
  • High-speed high Definition video view
  • Fantastic fluid 720p HD viewing through your tablet/ mobile
  • Multiple users can view the camera at the same time on different devices
  • You can view up to 15 cameras at the same time using our PC windows App. 
  • View using your mobile device with any network 2G/3G/4G/WIFI,

User accounts:

  • Admin account
  • Add many sub accounts by inviting friends. Can be removed at any time

Data consumption

  • Fantastic technology allows for Great quality video using Very low data transmission and receiving Less than 100kbs. So even if you are using your mobile data, it will not use much


  • Two-way high sound quality.  View and talk in real-time.

Video recording:

  • Record up to 40 days of video on a memory card inserted into the camera. You do not even need internet for this function
  • Playback at any time on your mobile device

Video sharing

  • Share your videos with family and friend via many social media apps and email

In Box

  • 1 x iP Cam
  • 1 x USB charging Cable
  • 1 x USB charger

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