Brand New devices which have a 12-month Manufacturer Warranty.


The Kindle Paperwhite features a 6-inch Paperwhite with an anti-glare layer allowing readers to read with less eye fatigue and strain. The screen's brightness can be adjusted for reading in different light conditions. The Kindle Paperwhite sports a 2-point multi-touch display and 2GB of internal storage space - 1.25GB capable of holding around 1100 books is available to the user.The e-reader is light weight at 213 grams and promises a battery life of 8 weeks with the front-light on when Wi-Fi/ 3G connections are turned off. The Paperwhite's built-in Wi-Fi allows users to purchase and download books from the Kindle store directly through the e-reader. Amazon also offers 3G access with the 3G plus Wi-Fi version of Kindle Paperwhite.



Make and Model code: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2012)

LCD Size and resolution: 6 inches and 212 Pixels per inch

Weight: 206g

Battery Capacity: Li polymer Non-removable

On Board Memory: 2GB (750 MB RAM)

Operating System: SUPPLIER

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB

Networks: 3G

Colour: Black

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