Go ahead, shop around and then make us an offer on a single product or  choose a few and offer us an amount for the lot. You can get massive discounts. 

The more you buy the better the accepted price


To get your best price, follow these simple instructions It seems long but it is really simple and very worth it. ?

  1. Go to the product that you want
  2. Click on "Name Your Price" (Under Add to cart) Your product will be added to a list
  3. Choose as many products as you like
  4. Click on "Name  Your Product List" (left side of page under "Categories"
  5. Click Submit Your offer. A form will pop up
  6. In the comment box, state your offer, either per product (copy and paste product title followed by your offer) Or offer an amount on your entire basket. 
  7. Submit your offer
  8. We will reply either with Accepted or a Counter offer
  9. Once we have accepted an offer, we will send you a Personlized coupon for your purchase 
  10. Select your products in the normal way.
  11. On checkout input your Coupon code and receive your discuount



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