PlayVR is a premium wireless virtual reality headset device powered by your iOS or Android smartphones. PlayVR offers a fully premium virtual reality experience. Choose your escape from 360 panoramic views, realistic 3D VR games or watching mind-blowing 3D content.

It transports you to your Virtual world in the moment where ordinary is no longer your reality. There are no bad seats in this cinema. The big screen is all yours. Once you slip in your phone you're free to take experience of your virtual world and beyond.

Brand New devices which have a 12-month Manufacturer Warranty.


  Massive 102°Field of View (FOV).

  Ultra-comfortable interchangeable Face cushion.

  Heat Dissipation Technology System.

  Individual Lens adjustment mechanism.

  Easy phone access system with lateral sliders. 

  Anti-Glare Shield.

   Comfortable Head straps.

   A Collection of top recommended Apps available for both Google Play Store

   Apple App Store, as well as hot updated titles available online.



  Size: (WxDxH) 194mm * 117mm * 128mm.

  Material: ABS and Environmental polycarbonate Injection Moulding.

  Lenses: 40.1mm polarised, plano –convex aspheric lens.

  Magnification: 5.2 Times.

  FOV (Field Of View): 102°.  

  Phones Supported: Apple (IOS), Android * Please check compatibility Section.   

  FOV (Field Of View): 102.

  Phones Size supported: 4.0 inch – 6.5 inch.

  Weight: 263g.  


Health and Safety Warnings

  PlayVR is not recommended for persons under the age 13.

  PlayVR is not suitable for people that suffer from Epilepsy ,Heart conditions,

  High Blood Pressure etc .

  Please refer to the User Manual for full Health and Safety Warnings.

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