Power Hunt Appliance Combo Set

Grill Features:

  • 12 Volt High-Performance Grill
  • Drains Grease for Healthy Cooking
  • Auto Shut-Off Prevents Overheating
  • Powerful 40 Amp Heating Elements
  • Easy to Clean Up

Sandwich Maker Features:

  • 40Amp Heating Elements
  • Temperatures Up To 375'F
  • Your Favorite Sandwich in 3 Min!
  • Stylish and Space saving Design
  • Great Gift for Truckers & RV'ers

Enjoy your favorite toasted hot panini sandwiches in about three minutes.Plug this handy sandwich maker into your Power Port and stuff yourself full inside your vehicle while traveling.

Microwave Features:

  • Cooks in Minutes
  • Permanent mount or portable use
  • Full 55Amp 660 Watt Power
  • Includes FREE Cool Bag For Food Storage
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Input Power Rating: 660W

Powerstrip Features:

  • Connects Directly To Any Standard 12V Battery 
  • High Output 70 Amp Per Socket, Total 100 Amp Current Rating 
  • Overload Circuit Breaker With Auto Reset
  • For Use With All Power Hunt 12/24V Applications
  • REQUIRES: Battery Cable In 8Ft Or 12Ft Length


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