USB5CSA Features

6Amp 5 Port USB charger


  • 6 Amp (= 6000 Milliamps) means the Whizzy multi USB charger is really powerful which = fast charging of multiple devices
  • Charges USB Chargeable devices including Ipads tablets iPhones smartphones powerbanks etc…
  • Built-in 2 x 2.1amp ports. 3 x 1Amp ports. You can use any port to charge any device however for faster charge use the 2.1amp port for larger devices.
  • When multiple ports are used at the same time  the 6amps are shared between the used ports.
  • Great for travel. 100-240 volts means that you can use your Whizzy USB multi charger anywhere in the world


  • Intelligent chip technology prevents overcharging on your device. once your device is fully charged it will stop providing power.
  • Made from fire retardant ABS material 
  • Can safely use with any USB chargeable device
  • 1.5 meter detachable cable



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