Whizzy USBC14 Charger

10.8 Amp 5 USB Port Smart Fast Car Charger

  • Charges up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 2 x USB ports for front of car.
  • 3 x USB ports for Backseats

Rapid Charge intelligent recognition detects your device and delivers its fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 AMP's per port.

10.8 AMP's Overall when all ports are being used together.

1.5m Cable and Clip allows you to securely clip the backseat hub anywhere in the car.

- If all ports are being used:

  • Front seat hub total output is 4.8Amp and
  • Backseat hub total output is 6Amp

Demensions: 81x28x20mm

Net weight: 75g

Input: 12V-24V/DC

Output: 5V/2.4A each port 10.8 App max overall (4.8A for the front 2 USB, 6A for the extended 3 USB Hub)

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