Whizzy Wi-Fi Mobile 3G Router and Power Bank - Important Links

Click here for: Whizzy WiFi User Manual


If your modem is not working with the Whizzy, please update the Whizzy with the latest firmware.
If after the update is still does not work, please contact our call centre.

If your Whizzy WIFI IS working with your dongle, Do NOT update the firmware

Please note: Unfortunatly, we will no longer be adding new modems to the firmware.

The following modems are not compatible with the Whizzy WiFi:

  • Vodafone K4305 
  • Iburst

Latest Modems added to firmware:

  • March 2014: Vodafone - K4201-Z
  •  November 2014: Huawei E352, E353,E3533
  • April 2015: Vodacom K5008-Z

Some modems even if not listed will work since many different models have common chipsets. 

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